1600mm Melt blown cloth PP sheet extrusion machine for making PFE95+ filter fabric
1600mm Melt blown cloth PP sheet extrusion machine for making PFE95+ filter fabric
1600mm Melt blown cloth PP sheet extrusion machine for making PFE95+ filter fabric
1600mm Melt blown cloth PP sheet extrusion machine for making PFE95+ filter fabric
1600mm Melt blown cloth PP sheet extrusion machine for making PFE95+ filter fabric
1600mm Melt blown cloth PP sheet extrusion machine for making PFE95+ filter fabric

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1600mm width Medical mask filter PP melt blown fabric cloth making machine
Tongsan PP melt blown machine

High Quality of Tongsan PP melt blown fabric making machine

1, The filtrability of PP melt blown fabric made by our machine can be more than PFE95+.
2, The fltrability of PP melt blown fabric made by our machine is very stably to be PFE95+ even tested after many days.
3, our machine can make stably production for high quality PP melt blown fabric with filtrability more than PFE95+
PP melt blown fabric production line Turkey service

1, Fabric width : 600-1600mm

2, Fabric filtrability: PFE95+, BFE99+
3, Fabric weight: 25gram/ square meter, adjustable
Single screw extruder
1 set
Network changer
1 set
Melt metering pump
1 set
Head die and spinneret
1 set
Hot air systems
1 set
Networking machines
1 set
Electrostatic processor
1 set
Automatic cutting and rewinder (friction type)
1 set
Vacuum burner
1 set
Ultrasonic cleaning machine
1 set
PP melt blown fabric making machine Pictures
Material automatic mixing and feeding machine
1, Material auto mixing and feeding machine
the mixer is fully made by stainless steel.
the auto feeding is by vacuum suction
the hopper with drying fuction
PP melt blown extruder machine
2, SJ105/30 Extruder machine
Special design screw for PP melt blown
Aluminum high quality heater
special water cooling design for feeding zone
screen changer for PP melt blown machine
3, hydraulic screen changer
automatic screen changer
no leaking material
melt pump for PP melt blown machine
4, melt metering pump
Special designed for PP melt blown fabric material
Accurate flow control
PP melt blown die head
5, Die head and Spinneret plate
high quality mold material
hole of Spinneret: 0.25mm
Connection type: down spraying
Fabric width: 1600mm
PP melt blown fabric forming machine
6, Fabric forming machine 
Forming type: Mesh belt forming
Width of belt: 1800mm
Machine height adjustment: motor lifting
Machine moving method: wheels moving
PP melt blown roots blower
7, Roost blower
Strong power: 75 KW
Low noise with noise insulation system
Safety operation with pressure adjustment

PP melt blown air heating device
8, Air heating device
Fast heating system: 160kw
Temperature control system: automatic
Big air tank with heat insulation
PP melt blown fabric electrostatic device
9, electrostatic device
strong electrostatic: 100KV
Double faces processing
double times for each face
PP melt blown fabric auto cutting machine
10,auto online split cutting machine
Online automatic splitting
splitting width: adjustable
quantity of knives: 3-4 pcs
PP melt blown fabric winding machine
11, winding machine
max winding width: 1800mm
max winding diameter: 500mm
winding type: automatic winding
easy change winding rolls
Electric control system
12, Electric control system
ABB inverter control
Siemens contractor
Omron temperature control
Siemens PLC system is optional
We have many sets of PP melt blown fabric making machines in stock for sale, all has tested to reach PFE95+
PP melt blown fabric application
Melt-blown non-woven fabric is a kind of rapid development in the production of non-woven fabric. It is known as the one-step polymer production process with the shortest process abroad. Its products have many obvious advantages such as high filtration efficiency, low resistance, flexibility, and the network can bind and bond itself. Therefore, it is widely used in various countries, and its main uses are medium-efficiency and sub-efficiency filtration, including air filtration and acid destruction. Liquid filtration food hygiene filtration, industrial dust mask manufacturing, etc., in addition, can also be used as medical and hygiene products, industrial precision wipes, thermal insulation materials, oil-absorbing materials, battery separators, imitation leather base cloth and so on. In many ways, its performance is better than similar products of traditional textiles. With the continuous development of post-processing technology, the application fields of melt-blown non-woven fabrics will be more extensive. 1. Application in the field of air purification Used in air purifiers, as a sub-efficient and efficient air filter element, and for coarse and medium-efficiency air filtration at large flow rates. It has the advantages of low resistance, high strength, excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, stable efficiency, long service life and low price. There is no fluff in the gas purified by the filter.
2. Application in the field of medical and health The dust-proof mouth made of melt-blown cloth has small breathing resistance, no sulking, and the dust-proof efficiency is as high as 99%. It is widely used in hospitals, food processing, mines and other workplaces that require dust and anti-bacterial products after special treatment. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic film made has good breathability, no toxic and side effects, and is easy to use. SMS products combined with spunbond cloth are widely used in the production of sanitary products such as surgical clothes and hats. 3. Liquid filter material and battery separator Polypropylene meltblown cloth is used to filter acidic and alkaline liquids, oil, oil, etc. It has very good performance, has been regarded as a good separator material by the battery industry at home and abroad, and has been widely used, not only reduces battery costs, The process is simplified, and the weight and volume of the battery are greatly reduced.
4. Oil-absorbing materials and industrial wipes Various oil-absorbing materials made of polypropylene melt-blown cloth can absorb oil up to 14-15 times its own weight. It is widely used in environmental protection projects and oil-water separation projects. In addition, it can be used as a clean material for oil and dust in industrial production. These applications have fully utilized the characteristics of polypropylene itself and the adsorption of ultrafine fibers produced by meltblown.
5. Warm materials The average diameter of melt-blown ultrafine fibers is between 0.5 and 5m, the specific surface area is large, a large number of fine pores are formed in the cloth, and the porosity is high. A large amount of air is stored in this structure, which can effectively prevent heat loss, and has excellent thermal insulation, and is widely used in the production of clothing and various insulation materials. Such as leather jackets, ski shirts, cold clothes, cotton village cloth, etc., it has the advantages of light weight, warmth, no moisture absorption, good breathability, no moldy rotten.
application of PP melt blown fabric making machine