Waste PP PE and wood powder outside use decking production line

Group PE WPC Profile Extrusion Machine
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Update Time 2020-02-18
Item specifics
wood plastic composite machineWPC decking machine
WPC profile machineco-extrusion or common type
ApplicationOutside landscape
Production Flow for Wood Plastic Composite WPC Decking Making Machine
1, feeding process
The structure of the wood flour is fluffy, and it is not easy to feed the extruder screw. In particular, the phenomenon of "bridge" and "holding pole" often occurs when the wood flour contains more water.
Feeding instability can cause extrusion fluctuations, resulting in reduced extrusion quality and yield. Feeding is interrupted, and the residence time of the material in the barrel is prolonged, which causes the material to burn and discolor, which affects the inherent quality and appearance of the product.
Forced feeding device and reasonable conveying method are adopted to ensure the stability of extrusion.
2.Exhaust during processing
The small-molecular volatile substances and water in the wood flour can easily cause defects in the product, and the pre-treatment cannot completely remove them. Therefore, the design of the exhaust system of the wood-plastic composite extruder should be given more attention than the ordinary plastic extruder, and multi-stage exhaust can be performed if necessary.
To a large extent, the better the exhaust effect, the better the quality of the extruded product
PE WPC Production process
WPC granulation machine: WPC granules making machine, using 70% wood powder and 30% recycled PP/PE plastic.
WPC profile extrusion line: you can change mold to make different WPC profiles by the same machine
WPC profile molds
WPC profile molds
Online embossing for WPC decking co-extrusion machine line
Detailed Pictures for Wood Plastic Composite WPC Decking Making Machine
HGMSE series PP/PE WPC profile production line can continuously produce PP/PE WPC profile. The WPC profile adopts two -step production process. The granulating machine make WPC pellets using PP/PE recycled materials, wood powder and auxiliary agent. Then use this production line produce WPC profile.Customers can choose embossing machine for the production line to achieve 3D pattern performance.Customers can also make PE WPC single color or double color co-extrusion profile by adding extruders.The profile produced by this production line can be sanded and brushed by sanding machine and brushing machine.
Conical double screw extruder

Siemens motor and famous gearbox

Screw:  Bimetallic screw

Stainless steel calibrator platform

Adopt vacuum pump and water pump

Automatic cutter

PE WPC Products stacker

WPC application