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Group PE WPC Profile Extrusion Machine
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extruder for wood plastic machinery equipment
Plastic raw material
Because 200 ° C is the upper limit of the processing temperature of wood-plastic composite materials, some resins with melting points exceeding 200C, such as PET, cannot be used in wood-plastic composite materials.
The main wood plastic materials in China are divided into PE wood plastic and PVC wood plastic.
Moisture of material
Water vapor can degrade the properties of the composite and also help to breed microorganisms, so it must be removed before using wood fillers. The wood filler is dried before processing. Generally, the moisture content after the treatment is less than 1 ~ 2%.
Chemical additives
Appropriate additives are needed to modify the surface of the polymer and wood flour to increase the interfacial affinity between wood flour and resin.
Percentage of wood powder
High-filled wood flour has poor dispersion effect in molten thermoplastics, making the melt fluid poor, and extrusion molding processing difficult. Surface treatment agents can be added to improve fluidity to facilitate extrusion molding.
Plastic substrates also need to add various additives to improve its processing properties and the use of its products.
Different Types of WPC extrusion machines
Plastic Raw material
Wood Percentage
PP PE WPC profile making machine
Recycled PP PE plastic
WPC decking, wall cladding, WPC fence, WPC handrail, WPC house, WPC pergola, WPC gazebo,
PVC WPC profile making machine
Recycled PVC and new PVC
WPC door frame, WPC window profile, WPC wall panel, WPC ceiling panel, WPC skirt panel, WPC decoration profiles
PVC WPC door making machine
Recycled PVC and new PVC
WPC door panel, WPC kitchen cabinet 
PVC WPC foam board making machine
Recycled PVC and new PVC
WPC furniture board, WPC construction formwork, WPC partition wall
WPC machine Pictures


The PE WPC profile extrusion line is suitable for producing the hollow/solid PE WPC Profile
profiles. This profile has the advantage of fireproof, waterproof, anticaustic, moisture proof, moth proof, mildew proof and
environment friendly. It is mainly used for extruding outdoor decorative WPC profiles, such as gardening landscapes, outdoor lanscapes, pallets etc


The PVC WPC profile extrusion line is suitable for producing hollow or solid PVC WPC profile
foaming profiles. This profiles have advantages of fireproof, waterproof, anticaustic, moisture proof, moth proof, mildew proof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The profiles are widely used in the fields of interior decoration, furniture making, such as door frame, skirting, photo frame, plastic door and window profiles.

PVC WPC door making machine

PVC WPC door panel extrusion line is for producing preparatory PVC WPC door panel. We can
provide the turnkey project for integrated door panel and door frame. The whole production line includs the PVC WPC door frame extrusion line. WPC door panel extrusion line and subsequent processing equipment. The PVC WPC door has the advantage of fireproof, waterproof, anticaustic, moisture proof, moth proof, mildew proof and environmentally friendly. The PVC WPC doors can be widely used in interior doors, hospital ward doors, school classroom door, various styles can be customized.


This PVC WPC foam board production line can continuously and steadily produce PVC WPC foam board. The PVC WPC
foam board has the advantage of fireproof, waterproof, anticaustic, moisture proof, moth proof and environment friendly, etc. It is of low density, light and easy of processing. The PVC WPC foam board is now widely used in interior decoration, precast exterior wall panels, furniture making, bathroom decoration, poster board, partition, etc.
What is Wood Plastic Composition WPC?
A mix of natural wood and plastic fiber forms wood-plastic composites. These help in reducing the overall weight of a vehicle, and in turn, it enhances its fuel efficiency. Wood plastic composites are a low-priced and eco-friendly substitute to plastic and steel components in construction applications. Hence, their demand is constantly growing in the market.

The wood-plastic composites market is segmented by types: Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and others. Polyethylene based wood plastic composites dominate the industry. The building & construction products segment is regarded to be the largest consumer of Polyethylene and Polyvinyl Chloride wood-plastic composites. The automotive components segment comes in next where wood-plastic composites are used in the making of lightweight automotive components

Based on their application, this market has been segmented into building & construction products, decking, fencing, industrial & consumer goods, automotive components, and others. Among these, the building and construction segment appeared as the largest in the global wood-plastic composites market.
Application of Wood Plastic?
The wood-plastic is a new kind of synthetic material which uses PVC,PP,PE resin or recycled plastic and plant fibre ( wood powder,chaff,straw etc.) as raw material and through the process of mixing,exrusion,calibrating,drawing off and cutting. This kind of wood-plastic materials are not only very similar with natural wood in appearance and feel,but also with the same characteristics as wood of excisable, planeable,sawable, unmatched grip,low bibulous rate, good moisture resistance, mothproof,mildew resistance,good resistance to acid and alkali,anti-corrosion, and it has the feature of fire resistance.The products are non-toxic,non-polluting,environment-friendly and save-energied, without formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia and other harmful substances.The wood-plastic products are widely used in outdoor floor,hydrophilic construction,balcony,landscape architecture,chairs and benches, fences, indoor doors and windows, furnitures, etc.
Advantage of Wood Plastic?
1. Wood-plastic products are made of wood powder + PVC plastic powder or HDPE plastic particles + other additives to form a certain shape through high temperature, extrusion, molding and other processes.

2, has the appearance of solid wood and superior to the strength and arbitrariness of solid wood, and has excellent
anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-insect, and flame retardant without solid wood. The product has no decorative pollution problems such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene.

3, unique formula technology, and through the interface strengthening treatment and special mixing molding technology, so that wood and plastic truly become one.

4, can be recycled, with biodegradable characteristics, protect forest resources and ecological environment, truly "green", in line with the "resource-saving, environment-friendly" social requirements.

5, "like plastic non-plastic, wood-like non-wood", because it has the dual advantages of wood and plastic and avoids its
shortcomings, it has become one of the most popular environmentally friendly products in outdoor architecture in recent years.
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