WPC+ LVL Solid door frame making machine

publisher: Qingdao Hegu Wood Plastic Machinery Co.,ltd.
Time: 2018-09-30
Summary: WPC+ LVL Solid door frame making machine is for making low cost and high quality WPC+LVL door frame by co-extrusion technology, it also can make other profiles by changing mold, the thickness of WPC layer is only 4mm
WPC +LVL Solid door frame making machine

WPC(wood plastic composition)+ LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) Door frame making machine

We are professional for wood plastic WPC machine, For adopting the indian market requirements, we have developed special technology for making low cost and high quality WPC+LVL door frame by co-extrusion technology.

the WPC+LVL solid door frame can be made with both advantages of LVL and WPC, it is water proof, fire proof, insect proof, high strength, high toughness,high nail/screw holding strength,smooth and beautiful outlook which can be embossed/laminated/painted

Advantage of WPC+ LVL door frame making machine
1, low cost

to avoid the disadvantage of traditional WPC solid door frame,such as heavy weight, high cost, easy deformation,weak nail/screw holding; we have developed WPC layer+ LVL core co-extrusion technology for making low cost WPC solid door frame

The inner core of the profile can be LVL wooden, MDF profile, Aluminum Profile, steel post.

The outer layer can be WPC layer or PVC layer, 4-5mm thickness shall be enough.

2, Stably production, avoid deformation in cooling

For Full WPC door frame, it is foaming inside, and it is hard to control the foaming to be uniform, so many manufacturers has problems of product deformation, and even by same machine on same formula, they can make out different quality of products, the production and quality is hard to be controlled to be uniform. The production defective rate is too high.

For the WPC+LVL door frame, as the inner core size is fixed and to be stably and continuously feeding to the extrusion line, so it is very easy for machine operators to control the product quality and forming size, and the 4-5mm outer WPC layer is also easy to be controlled by the die and calibrators. So the production defective rate is very low.

3, high production speed, no deformation in cooling

For the Full WPC door frame, it is hard to be cooled fully inside, even if you increase the length of calibrator and water tank, the production speed is very limited to 0.3-0.5m/min because of the big thickness and high heat inside of the product. And the product after production shall also get problem of deformation because of afterheat inside the product which can not be fully cooled in the extrusion line.

For the WPC+LVL door frame, the inner is LVL core which is in normal temperature, the LVL core shall only need to be heated at the surface before feeding to the extrusion line. And the WPC layer is only 4-5mm thickness, so the complete product can be easy cooled by the calibrators and water tank. So the production speed can be 0.5-0.8m/min and can be fully cooled in the extrusion line so that the product shall not get deformation after production.

4, Better processing property: Better nail/screw holding strength, high strength, high toughness

For the Full WPC door frame, because of inner foaming and it is made by PVC and wood composition( wood content is less than 20%), so it has problem of weak nail/screw holding. Especially because it is so heavy, so the door frame may relax after some time of using.

For the WPC+LVL door frame,the inner is high density LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) which has advantage of high strength, high toughness, and resistant of fatigue failure caused by periodic stress, and high nail/screw holding strength. So the nail/screw holding strength of WPC+LVL door frame is as high as original LVL product. 

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