How to make wood - plastic floor
How to make wood - plastic floor
Raw material mixer

In order to composite plastic and wood powder well, the first step need to hot mixing materials.
The mixing materials are wood powder, waste pp granules, calcium carbonate, stearic acid, PE wax, color master and other additives.The mixing temperature about 120 degrees , it takes about 15-20 minutes to mix the raw material well.
WPC granulation machine

After the mixing is completed, the mixed raw materies shall be granulating by the paraller screw extruder.The granulating machine is composed of  vacuum extractor system, paraller screw extruder, granulator device,
three-level air transmission device, storage bin, etc.The capacity can reach 300-400kg/h.
Wood-plastic profiles production line
The wood-plastic floor is produced through the wpc profiles production line. The wood-plastic production line use the wpc granulator as  raw materials, which are mainly composed of conical double screw extruder,profile mold, calibrator platform, cutting machine and products stacker.

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