How to reduce the cost of solid pvc wpc door frame?
The New type solid door frame

We are professional for wood plastic WPC machine, for adopting the market requirements, we have developed special co-extrusion technology for making low cost and high quality WPC+LVL door frame .

Avoid the disadvantage of traditional WPC solid door frame,such as heavy weight, high cost, easy deformation,weak nail/screw holding; we have developed WPC layer+ LVL core co-extrusion technology for making low cost WPC solid door frame

Advantage of WPC+core co-extrusion profile:Low cost

Anvantage of new type door frame:Higher production speed:
WPC and LVL type extruder

WPC and LVL solid door frame prosuction line

For the full WPC door frame, it is hard to be cooled fully inside, even if you increase the length of calibrator and water tank, the production speed is very limited to 0.3-0.5m/min because of the big thickness and high heat inside of the products. And the products after production shall also get problem of deformation because of afterheat inside of the products which can not be fully cooled on the extrusion line.

For the WPC+LVL door frame, the inner is LVL core which is in normal temperature, the LVL core shall only need to be heated at the surface before feeding to the extrusion line. And the WPC layer is only 4-5mm thickness, so the complete product can be easy cooled by the calibrators and water tank. So the production speed can be 0.5-0.8m/min and can be fully cooled on the extrusion line so that the product shall not get deformation after production.

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