Features of PE wood plastic products
Features of the PE WPC products
PE WPC Decking

PE WPC fence

1. The product has the same processing performance as the log, which can be nailed, drilled, cut, bonded, and fixed with nails or bolts. The surface is smooth and fine, no sanding and paint are needed, and its paint adhesion is good. Like to paint.
2. The product has better physical properties than raw wood, and has better dimensional stability than wood. Noisy will produce cracks, warpage, no wood knots, twill. Adding colorants, coatings or composite surface layers can make colorful colors. Various products, so no regular maintenance is required.
3. Able to meet a variety of specifications, sizes, shapes, thicknesses and other needs, this also includes providing a variety of designs, colors and wood grain finished products to give customers more choices.
4. The product has excellent performances such as fire resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, humidity resistance, no insects, no fungi, acid and alkali resistance, no toxicity, no pollution, and low maintenance costs.
5. The product has a similar wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic, long life, thermoplastic molding, high strength and energy saving.
6. The product is of high quality, light weight, heat preservation, smooth and flat surface, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic and pollution-free.

Application of the PE WPC products
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PE wood plastic is suitable for external wall hanging boards, ceilings, decorative wall boards, outdoor floors, fence posts, plastic steel gazebos, garden fences, balcony fences, fence fences, leisure benches, tree pools, flower stands, flower box air-conditioning frames, Air conditioner covers, shipping trays, and more.

WPC materials are flexible and can be used in any field of wood processing, replacing the best environmentally friendly materials for wood. WPC products play a vital role in the country's low energy consumption. They are a recyclable product and are widely used in many large projects.

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