What the features for good quality mold ?
Good quality mold features
Mold Features
1,Straight pin
All die plates have straight pin quick assembling
2,Channel Surface
Polished channel surface for smooth extrusion.
3,Tooling ID
Each plate has marked tooling ID and it makes die plates easy to distinguish.
4,Pin and Bushing
The pin and brushing on die make it better aligned to each other.

Mold Features
1,Shining Plate Design
Shining plate design makes the profile better glossy surface.
2,Selected Hardware
Select high quality hardware accessories,durable and user friendly.
3,Mirror Polishing
Mold cavlties are mirror surface polishing.It makes the profiles have better quality surface.
4,Pin and Brushing
The adjustable valve can regulate the vacuum pressure inside calibrator freely.

Main machines for WPC Production line
WPC door panel making machines

WPC door frame making machines

PE WPC decking making machine

PE WPC granulating machine

We provide series of WPC extrusion line for customer.Our main products include: wood milling machine, WPC thin plate extrusion line, WPC thick plate extrusion line, WPC decking extrusion line,wood and plastic granulating machine,parallel and conical twin-screw extrusion granulating machine,PVC/WPC foamed thin plate extrusion line,PVC/WPC crust foamed plate extrusion line,PVC/PE/PP wood-plastic profile extrusion line, and other auxiliary equipments.

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