Quality standard of WPC products in China
Quality standard of wood plastic WPC products
The quality standard of WOOD PLASIC WPC products in China are mainly as below:
GB/T 24137-2009《木塑装饰板》 for WPC decoration panels
GB/T 24508-2009《木塑地板》 for WPC decking
LY/T 1613-2004 《挤压木塑复合材》for WPC extrusion material
Wood plastic, or wood-plastic composites (WPC), is a new type of composite material that has flourished in recent years at home and abroad. It refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride in place of ordinary resin adhesives. More than 35% -70% of wood powder, rice husks, straw and other waste plant fibers are mixed into new wood materials, and then processed through extrusion, molding, injection molding and other plastic processing processes to produce boards or profiles. Mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics and packaging industries. A board made by mixing plastic and wood powder in a certain proportion and hot-extruded is called an extruded wood-plastic composite board.

Wood-plastic composite material contains plastic, so it has a good elastic modulus. In addition, because it contains fibers and is fully mixed with plastic, it has physical and mechanical properties comparable to hardwood, such as compression and bending resistance, and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials. The surface hardness is high, generally 2-5 times that of wood.

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