How is the market demand of Wood Plastic WPC products
How is the market demand of WPC doors?
Huge potential of domestic market
The domestic wooden basic raw materials have gone through two generations: the first generation is wood and wood, and the second generation is plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, and wood pulp. In 2003, China's wood-based panel production ranked first in the world. The third generation is wood-plastic materials, which have already shined in the market today. Wood-plastic materials have both the excellent properties of plastic and wood, and have absolute advantages in door panel materials. At present, the domestic wood plastic market has huge potential. Although the annual output of wood plastic products in the world is only a few million tons, since 1998, countries in Europe and the United States have increased at an annual rate of 65%.
Advanatge of Wood Plastic 
China's chemical materials testing department has strictly tested the performance and environmental protection of the material to ensure that consumers' rights and interests are not harmed. Good mechanical properties, such as wood, saw, planer, nail and other mechanical processing, with hard, strong, durable, wear-resistant performance; the formation of a large number of uniform and regular cells after foaming, which can save the product cost. Experiments show that compared with unfoamed PVC / wood flour composites, the density can be reduced by 50% after extrusion foaming, up to 0.6g / -1.0g / cm3. The uniform and regular cell structure after foaming can be passivated The elongation at break at the crack tip can be significantly increased. It is also an environmentally friendly material with cheap and abundant raw materials, which can be recycled, which can reduce environmental pollution and protect forest resources.
Wood-plastic composite materials reflect the life characteristics of recycled products
The wood-plastic material project entered the "2002 High-tech Development Report" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; in the same year, it was included in the "863" project and "948" plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The five topics in the field are related, and each has a place in cutting-edge technology and basic research. Wood-plastic composite materials reflect the life characteristics of recycled products that originate from nature and are superior to nature.
Wood Plastic Application
In terms of operation, wood plastics can be processed in the same way as logs. They can be nailed, drilled, planed, sticky, and paintable. The surface is smooth and fine, without sanding and paint. At the same time, wood plastic has good paint adhesion, and consumers can paint according to personal preference. As a new type of wood substitute material, wood plastic can be widely used in the fields of building decoration and outdoor building materials, such as corner line, particle board, door and window line, wood plastic floor, flower garden fence, skirting board, ceiling line, shutter, stair handrail , Decorative wall panels, outdoor pavilions, etc., most of the indoor and outdoor decorative building materials can be made of wood plastic. It is particularly worth pointing out that wood plastic has a waterproof and fireproof function, so it can be used for decoration of kitchens, bathrooms, etc., which is beyond the reach of logs. Wood-plastic products are now attracting widespread international attention and are known as green and environmentally friendly new materials, which will have broad development prospects.
Huge market demand
It is reported that in 2005 North American WPC composite outdoor planking and fences accounted for 15% of the residential outdoor decking and fence market. It is expected that the market for WPC composites will maintain strong growth before 2010, and the prospects for the panel and fence markets are particularly promising But demand growth is not limited to these two applications, and other products have also increased accordingly. According to the data provided by the report, the turnover of North American WPC outdoor building products and other building products in 2005 reached US $ 495 million, and it is expected to increase to US $ 1.045 billion in 2008. From a global perspective, according to a research report from the American Principia Partners consulting company, it is estimated that the world plastic wood composite market will exceed 1.4 billion US dollars in 2007, and it will still maintain a good growth momentum before 2010. The largest application is still extrusion building products However, more types of WPC construction products are expected, and the automotive and transportation industries are also markets that cannot be ignored.

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