how many molds needed for making WPC handrail
How many molds needed for WPC handrail system for WPC garden railing?
For making WPC handrail system, it will need five molds as below:
1, WPC post mold
2, WPC horizontal crosspiece mold
3, WPC vertical crosspiece mold
4, WPC handrail profile mold
5, WPC post cap mold.

1, WPC post mold
The WPC post is made by extrusion process continuously, the size can be 90*90mm, 100*100mm, 110*110mm, 120*120mm, 150*150mm according to customer's requirements.
2, Horizontal crosspiece mold
The horizontal crosspiece generally is 100*50mm size or 90*50mm size. also we can design the customized 
3, vertical crosspiece mold
The vertical crosspiece generally is made with 45*45mm size or 50*50mm size. it is made by WPC extrusion process
4, handrail profile mold
the WPC handrail profile is made by WPC extrusion process
5, WPC post cap mold
The WPC post cap is made by WPC injection process

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