How to design the WPC door panel and WPC door frame mold
How to design the WPC door panel and door frame mold
The WPC door panel and WPC door frames shall be made by extrusion and mold directly for the product width and thickness, the length can be cut into any size per to customer's requirements.
so the manufacturer have to design the mold for WPC door panel and WPC door frame sizes according to the market requirements.
WPC door panel mold design
1, the manufacturer can design different molds for different width, by this way, manufacturer can get required width from extrusion line directly. it is suitable for the market door size is standard, such as 700, 750, 800, 850, 900mm.
2, the manufacturer also can design one door panel mold with max.width, and then cut the  door panel into required width according to different customer's requirements, it is suitable for the market door size is not standard.
but after cutting, the manufacturer must cover the cutting sides by another piece of WPC profiles.
WPC door frame design
the WPC door frame design should consider three main points:
1, the thickness of door panel/door leaf.
2, the thickness of wall of house
3, the size of architrave(door frame edge)
based on above, the customer then can design the door frame into different article design as below.
Solid WPC door frame design for india market
but for indian market, market requires solid door frame which is one piece made, 
the popular sizes are: 75*50mm, 90*45mm, 100*50mm, 100*62mm, 125*50mm, 125*62mm, 150*62mm.

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