How to make rigid strong surface on WPC foam board?(WPC foam board calibrating machine)
How to make rigid strong surface on WPC foam board?
Our WPC foam board machine adopts special celluka foaming technology which can make low density WPC solid board with high strength surface.
The WPC foam board density is adjustable for 0.4-0.8 gram/cm3 by adjusting the formulation.
and the WPC foam board surface can be made rigid or soft by adjusting the water temperature of the WPC foam board calibrating machine
How WPC foam board calibrating machine works?
In the WPC foam board production process, there is three chemicals mixed in the raw material to do foaming in the WPC foam board, they are Foaming regulator, AC foaming agent, NC foaming agent.
the AC foaming agent Decomposition temperature is 200-205 degree, and the NC foaming agent  Decomposition temperature is 130-180 degree.
The extruder and die head temperature is heated up to 160-200 degree, and so the AC foaming agent and NC foaming agent already started to provide gas at that temperature.
But after the WPC foam board come out from the die head, it will be cooled by the calibrator at advance, so we will use chiller water (less than 18 degree) to cool the calibrator to ensure the calibrator always with low temperature in the WPC foam board production.
and the calibrator will only touch the up and down surface of the WPC foam board. so only the surface of WPC foam board has been cooled and the foaming stopped at the surface. but the foaming still working in the inner of the WPC foam board.
so the surface rigid of WPC foam board is directly related with the temperature of WPC foam board calibrating machine.

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