How to make foaming in WPC board?(Foaming agent and foaming regulator)
how to make foaming in WPC board?
The WPC foam board is made by special celluka foaming technology which can make low density WPC solid board with high strength surface.
The WPC foam board density is adjustable for 0.4-0.8 gram/cm3 by adjusting the formulation.
In the WPC foam board formulation, there is three chemicals which is specially for making foaming.
1, Foaming regulator agent

It is a UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) acrylic processing aid specially designed for superior quality PVC foam and WPC applications. 

it generally work together with the AC foaming agent to ensure the foaming to be uniform.

according different product thickness and foaming density requirements, there are different models of foaming regulator, such as ACR530, ACR750, ACR801, ACR901...

so the WPC foam board manufacturer have to buy suitable foaming regulator according to final products requirements.

2, AC foaming agent: it start foaming in the extruder barrel.

The main chemical components: Azodicarbonamide     

Application: Mainly used in PVC, PE, PP, PS, EVA, ABS and rubber foam. 

Gas of Foaming amount: 220ML/G

Decomposition temperature: 200-205 Degree

3, NC foaming agent: it start foaming in the die head

NC white power, endothermic type, low initial temperature, use with AC foaming agent can reach effect of heat absorbing balance

Application: PVC rigid foaming products, EVA, PE, natural rubber, PVC+NBR blend

Gas of Foaming amount: 145 ML/G

Decomposition temperature: 130-180 Degree

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