is it necessary to equip the WPC granulation machine to make WPC products?
is it necessary to equip the WPC granulation machine to make WPC products?
WPC granulation machine is mainly used for PP/PE and wood composition,  because the PP/PE material shall be flakes or granules, and the wood powder is powder size and will add 60-70%, so for making the better composition with better mixing and plastization, double step extrusion is necessary for PP/PE wood composition, so the first step extrusion is WPC granulation process.

and we equip Parallel double screw extruder for WPC granulation process, it is designed with good moisture venting system to taking out the moisture in the raw material.  and the L/D of screw is 40:1, so the material can be good mixed and get good plastization in the WPC granulation extruder.

if using one step extrusion to make PP/PE wood composition, it may work, but the final product quality will be very bad. and the market will only like the high quality products. so for better production and better marketing, we suggest WPC granulation machine is necessary for PP/PE wood composition.

For PVC and wood composition, the PVC resin is powder size, the wood powder is also powder size, and the CaCo3 also powder size. so all the material can be easy mixed and composited easily. so WPC granulation machine is not required for PVC and wood composite.

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