How I know can I use my local material for making WPC on HEGU WPC machine?
Will hegu provide he raw material parameters to customer? Yes
WPC is wood plastic composition, it is a new product in many countries. so the raw material and formulation is a problem for the new customers. we shall provide the feasibility service to help the customer to check the ability of local raw material.

We will send the required raw material parameters to the customers, including plastic, wood powder and chemical additives and they can search locally with the raw material supplier.

will hegu help to check the plastic material ability? Yes
if the customer want to recycle the local plastic wastage to make WPC products, we also can euqip the plastic wastage recycling machine (including plastic crushing, plastic washing, plastic drying) if customer needs.

If the customer already has the recycled PP/PE plastic, he can check the Melt flow index of the PP/PE plastic, it will be good if the Melt flow index can be around 0.2-1.2 gram/10minutes.

if the customer wants to more sure about the ability of his raw material, he can send his material to our factory, we shall arrange testing his material in our machine to check how is the running result.

Will hegu help to check the wood material ability?    Yes
For wood material, customer must get wood powder using for WPC mixing.
the customer can get wood powder from local market if avaliable, we also can help customer to get wood powder from China.
the wood powder should be 80-100 mesh size, moisture as less as possible and not more than 6%

if customer wants to make wood powder from local fiber material, we can supply the wood powder making machine, including wood chipper, wood crushing, wood milling and wood drying machine.
The fiber material can be wood blocks, wood sawdust, rice husk, rice straw, wheat straw, wheat husk, cotton straw.... the fiber material should easy to be processed into powder size, and the fiber material should be without oil.

if the customer wants to be more sure about the ability of his wood material, he can send the material to our factory, and we shall arrange to use his material to test on our WPC making machine to make final product.

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