how much is the budget for a WPC decking plant?wpc decking machine cost
How much is the budget for WPC decking plant? WPC decking machine cost
Our company is professional for the WPC decking machine complete production line, we have rich experience for supplying wpc machines to different customers in different countries, according to customer's budget, here below is some plants for reference:
Plant size
Plant Capacity
Machine cost
mini.Factory size
Plant power needs
smallest plant
(not recommend)
around 1500 kgs/day
(24 hours running)
50000-80000 USD FOB 
200 square meter
around 150kw
Middle plant
around 3000kgs/day
(24 hours running)
100000-150000 USD FOB
400 square meter
around 250kw
Economic plant (recommend)
around 6000kgs/day 
(24 hours running)
150000-250000 USD FOB
800 square meter
around 350 kw
Big plant
around 12000kgs/day
(24 hours running)
300000-400000 USD FOB
1500 square meter
around 600kw
if you are interested in our wpc decking plant, please kindly send us an inquiry. we shall provide you excellent quality and good service!!!

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