what machines need for making WPC door?WPC door making machine
What machines need for making WPC door
Our company is professional for WPC door making machine, we have rich experience for Turnkey WPC door production projects. we have installated many WPC door projects in Different countries, such as Tunisia, Kuwait, Algeria, Oman, Uzbekistan, Russian, India, China, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast....
Below is the machine list for your reference for a enter WPC door project:
1, Wood powder making machine: 
For making WPC door, it requires the wood powder to be 80-100mesh size, the moisture should be less than 6%.
Details Link: https://www.woodplasticwpcmachine.com/pid18222331/Wood-powder-making-machine.htm 
Wood chipping machine
for making wood/tree branch into chipped wood
Wood crushing and milling machine
for making chipped wood/wood sawdust/rice husk/rice straw into wood powder 80-100 mesh
wood drying machine
for taking out the moisture in wood powder
2, WPC door frame making machine: the WPC door frame is used for cover the wall and for installation the door panel on the wall, so its size should be made match the thickness of the wall.
Details link: https://www.woodplasticwpcmachine.com/pid18223145/WPC-door-frame-extrusion-line.htm 



SHRL300/600 mixer

For mixing PVC and wood powder and chemicals

WPC door frame extrusion line

For making the basic WPC door profiles by extrusion and mold, this line can make different size and design of WPC door frame by changing the mold

door frame  lamination machine

For laminate the decoration film on door frame

film cutting machine

For cutting the lamination film into required width according to door profile size

WPC door frame  molds

The molds should be designed according to market needs.

3, WPC door panel making machine: the WPC door panel is hollow section, and for making finished door panel, there are many process to be done after extrusion.
Details link: https://www.woodplasticwpcmachine.com/pid18223240/Complete-machine-produce-WPC-doors.htm



SHRL500/1000 Mixer

For mixing PVC and wood powder and chemicals

WPC door panel extrusion line with one mold

For making the basic WPC door panel by extrusion and mold, this line can make different size and design of WPC door panel by changing the mold

Precision cutting machine

For cutting the door panel into required width, it also can be used for cutting length and angles for door frame

WPC door panel sanding machine

For sanding the door panel with smooth and uniform surface

edge milling machine

For making the hollow section with groove to cover a edge

Door panel lamination machine

For laminate decoration film on the door panel surface

CNC engraving machine

For making caving design on door panel surface, and also making lock holes and hingle slots.

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